Launching in a market where everyone has a ‘solution’

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Business problem

Cyber security spend continues to rise, but so does the number of breaches – it’s a conundrum that SecureData is setting about approaching in a new way. The problem was launching in a market where, for a customer, everyone has a ‘solution’ and choosing what’s best for their business is difficult.

Experiences that matter

Technology alone has not solved this problem. SecureData combine the most advanced technology with the superior human minds of ethical hackers. This drove the proposition – ‘A Greater Intelligence’ – and the product name – ‘GI’ – alongside the launch marketing.

During our immersion phase we had seen first hand how when the story was told to customers and they saw how it worked they couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been approached like this before. For the launch event we created a short film to tell the story and identified 3 (willing) businesses that allowed us to use pure product demonstration to communicate the benefits.

Business transformation

The product was first sold at the launch event (across existing customers and prospects), with deals representing many times the value of the campaign. SecureData are establishing themselves as a market leader with demand challenging the ability of the business to step up supply.