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Business problem

Following the global recession, along with the majority of airports around the world, Doncaster Sheffield Airport suffered from a fall in passenger numbers. Over the course of several years the airport partnered different flight booking providers, all were travel agents and all were unable to provide the value or level of support they needed. Bad press about high margins added by travel agents hasn’t helped provide a good image for the industry.

Experiences that matter

Peroley – a travel tech company that builds dynamic travel solutions for airports – approached us with this business problem and commissioned us to build a solution tailored specifically to flights and holidays from Doncaster Sheffield Airport. We were tasked with building a meta search engine, designed above all to meet their needs.

Once the new metasearch engine was built, complete with multiple API integrations, we created a marketing strategy that transposed negative local and regional perceptions that the airport is expensive and poorly connected. We promoted both the airport and the meta-search comparison website to build awareness, trust and loyalty, with digital UX at the heart of the customer journey. A bespoke CRM system links customer insight data, enabling highly targeted and personalised marketing to users.

Business transformation

DSA is now back in growth. Passenger numbers increased month-on-month in comparison to 2015, and the airport has reported its best year ever in 2016 after checking in a record 1.2 million passengers. Peroley has experienced a 45% increase in website traffic and is in partnership talks with several major airports in the UK and Europe.