Differentiating on customer experience. Not price.

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Business problem

Whilst BMW customers are passionate about the BMW brand the same goodwill did not extend to BMW’s car insurance. And the single biggest factor determining purchase was price.

Experiences that matter

We needed to create a new mindset that positioned BMW Car Insurance as completing the BMW car ownership experience. This was encapsulated in the idea: BMW INSURANCE: THE FINAL COMPONENT.

We worked with BMW and Allianz to understand and map the customer journey across POS, call center and online. From this we were able to create new experiences that would convince BMW owners that BMW Car Insurance is not just an after-thought or a cost, it’s the price worth paying to ensure the BMW you buy remains pure BMW.

Business transformation

BMW are successfully shifting the mindset within the business, dealerships and customers and the uptake from free 7-day insurance to annual insurance has doubled.