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Business problem

Available in only a few exclusive outlets globally, Ettinger’s fortunes are driven almost entirely by how it is perceived in the digital space. People have to be able to taste, feel and know the brand, potentially without any physical contact. So, how do you convince a discerning customer to buy from a luxury brand they are unfamiliar with?

Experiences that matter

TO EACH THEIR OWN. Helping the Ettinger brand grow meant ensuring the reward of owning an Ettinger infused every step of the e-tail process. Focusing on ‘New Luxury Millennials’ – the consumers who touch brands digitally first – we wove the Ettinger story throughout every facet of the brand experience. Heritage, authenticity, craftsmanship, Britishness and peerless quality – all elements of the promise that are now amplified through combined off- and online marketing, delivered through an improved e-commerce experience and beyond, to a lifetime of ownership.

Business transformation

Increased awareness of the Ettinger brand by luxury consumers around the world, evident in the rise in web traffic the average value of purchases and a significant uplift in sales during the first 6 months of launch.