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Business problem

Most people believe air ambulances are owned and run by the NHS. They’re not – each is a registered charity, entirely reliant on the generosity of individuals and organisations to keep them airborne. Yorkshire Air Ambulance, with two helicopters and bases to operate, needs to raise over £12,000 each and every day.

Experiences that matter

To achieve this target, we designed, built and continue to manage YAA’s website that drives people to raise and donate funds in many ways – from single and regular donations, national lottery game, legacy and e-shop to supporting and promoting local fund raising and awareness activities.

In the pursuit of our targets, by bringing together all our experience and creativity, we continue to produce, establish and grow YAA’s online traffic levels. Through a solid digital strategy, we helped to secure an Adwords investment worth $10k a month – delivering valuable traffic from targeted search queries – whilst continually optimising the website for organic traffic.

We were able to identify and optimise towards increased user acquisition and retention through conversion metrics. Attribution and cross-device measurement helped us map the paths to purchase and understand how channels were working together to drive regular donations.

Business transformation

Yorkshire Air Ambulance has flown rescued over 7,000 patients to date and continues to add to this every day. The Charity has recently replaced its ageing fleet with two new state-of-the-art helicopters serving 5 million people across the Yorkshire region. Overall, the website and digital strategy has resulted in a huge growth in marketing-driven donations.