Making accountants feel valued

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Business problem

How should we launch this successful Antipodean accountancy software brand into the UK and European market, with number of key issues – a company buy-out by Directors, change of name, re-brand, launch to the accountancy trade and create stand-out in a cluttered marketplace with many competitors.

Experiences that matter

IT’S ABOUT TIME. Accountancy software isn’t sexy. The UK launch of a game-changing product provided the perfect opportunity to develop a brand, website and campaign around the character of ‘Add Man’, forever altering that perception. Before Bankstream, accountants were reduced to being bookkeepers, endlessly chasing clients for outstanding accounts before the rush of a tax return deadline. Bankstream simply automates this manual process creating time, time that transforms accountants into capable, valued business advisers. So accountants became the accountant they always wanted to be.

Business transformation

Over a 3 year period after launch, Bankstream firmly established itself as a dominant force in this software category, resulting in the sale of the company to QuickBooks in 2016.