How to get your business closer to your customers

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5 transformative insights

1. The power of me

The customer is king. Nothing new there, however technology is driving change, fast. Change in behavior – the way we research and search for products and services. The way we consider and buy and the ‘I want it now’ culture. Loyalty is ever harder to achieve as consumers have the world at their fingertips, literally. To succeed, businesses need to create genuine, authentic experiences that engage customers.

2. The channel should drive the experience

The traditional creative path has always cascaded down, starting with development of an over-arching creative strategy, which was then tactically re-expressed in many formats. Now technology has opened up new avenues to leverage the medium as much as the message. Brand interaction, not just personality, motivates more… It’s about building great customer experiences. This reality demands a new approach to the traditional top-down creative development process and calls for a more experiential and integrated approach to optimising media channels.

3. Technology and data…it’s the future (well a big part of it)

Marketers must embrace data. As you aim to connect all your channels – email, social media, and paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies (among others), you must incorporate the technology needed to manage and use the data effectively. But don’t just rely on the data to solve problems. You must question everything and search for new insights, trends and patterns that allow you to discover new marketing opportunities.

4. Video content… more of it.

Yes, content is still king, but the kind of content that rules the web is changing. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and eBooks are all still crucial aspects of marketing, but video is sweeping the board. More engaging and interactive for your customers, consider the success of games like Pokémon Go, so expect virtual and augmented reality to take us into the future. Brands that fail to incorporate video will be left by the wayside.

5. Embrace the IoT.

With the speed of technology, the Internet of Things has been developing quickly over the past few years, but now businesses are leveraging the power of billions of connected devices. Collecting and making that data useful will lead to even more opportunities for you to get closer to your customers.