Get more out of your Google Grant

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Get more out of your Google Grant

As a registered charity are you making the most of your Google Grant? The main goal for any charity is maximising their share of voice in a cluttered and competitive marketplace. We can help you maximise the performance of your $10,000 budget.

 Three ways we can help you get closer to your customers

  1. We can help you get the most out of your Google Grant and boost campaign reach
  2. We can help drive audiences to your campaign’s online landing page
  3. We can help you measure performance by looking at real time data and analytics

How did Ben increase its reach and donations?

Our client, Ben, a not-for-profit organisation providing help and support for the UK’s automotive industry, wanted to raise awareness and their profile amongst a diverse audience group. As part of a wider strategy, Ben came to us looking to increase awareness through PPC. The previous account structure was hindering this growth. PPC had not delivered the performance they required – the challenge for us was to reverse this.

Ben needed to increase awareness of its holistic care and its wide range of support services such as: financial, physical, mental and social, which enables people to navigate life’s toughest challenges and empowers them to make a lasting, positive change. The previous PPC structure and strategy wasn’t tailored to all of these services, which resulted in a low click through rate, wastage of spend and poor ad relevancy.

Our secondary challenge was to make PPC work hand-in-hand with our Search Engine Optimisation efforts through organic traffic to increase conversions.

The Strategy

Ben wanted to be visible in Google’s search results for all their key social issues.

In order for us to deliver growth and increase, we helped Ben sign up to the Google Grants scheme, resulting in a significant boost to their traffic — at one point, accounted for over 37% of total monthly sessions on the site, making it their primary source of traffic. Google Analytics data showed increase awareness, so we started the process of removing all wastage of spend on non-converting ads/keywords via a full restructure.

We created a whole new PPC campaign from the ground up, segmented each by service: issues and care, and capitalised on the new foundations we had built, for awareness, growth and performance.

The Results

Within one month of the re-structure, its made a huge impact on Ben’s online presence: increasing engagement, uplift of 28% more new users and high-quality traffic to the website; exposing Ben to its wide audiences and capturing audiences who might not have known about them. It’s a rolling success story.

“We have had the most amazing feedback, both internally and externally. We are all really proud of our new digital platform which gives us the presence and tools to really get out there and make a difference.”

Carol Keller, Marketing & Communications Director, Ben