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How do you target high net-worth individuals in a digital environment?

Extreme Design was a design company that, by its own acknowledgment, wasn’t living up to its name. Already a successful creator of statement kitchens, bedrooms and studies, Extreme wanted to break free of the established pattern of design and build, giving their clients the freedom to realise living spaces of unequivocal individuality, inspired by their most cherished moments. We were able to capture this proposition in a language that enabled Extreme to not only adopt a new brand identity, but roots-up cultural change. Through the telling of their own story, and by working together through launch materials spanning all media, environments and several proof-of-concept examples, we helped give the team the confidence to invite prospective customers to throw away the rulebook.

With a strong brand positioning and identity in place, Extreme recognised that the divide between its in-store and on-line customers was blurring and was uniquely positioned to take the lead in digital marketing.

With kitchens and living spaces from £40K upwards, our brief was to generate leads from high net worth individuals (HNWI). These customers are traditionally very hard to reach. We have to target both the catchment areas of Extremes Studios and a wider digital audience. The profile of our audience varies by region, but typically live in £1M-£2M + homes, with a household income of £100K+ and have high disposable income.

Utilising data from the website, we set about creating a new responsive website and digital strategy that simplified the way it communicated with its customers.

We have a 3 stage approach:

  • Simplifying the products with a clean site aesthetic and navigation, while retaining emphasis on living spaces.
  • Specify the target product ranges and keywords for SEO and PPC purposes, which research showed were an ever increasing share of conversion.
  • Create a new customer-focused digital strategy. Through analytics and testing we researched high net worth individuals, what kinds of content they actively seek out and want to engage with, which values they want to be seen to espouse. This completely customer-driven focus is generating the high quality leads we need.

We are now building a comprehensive customer database, collecting as much data as we can including email addresses, which we use to start the sales funnel process, as lead times for this kind of purchase are long.

Michael Riley, RedRoute Head of Digital commented: “Our overarching goals are to gain leads for email marketing and sales calls – all other marketing activities had to be geared towards that end. So SEO, PPC and Social campaigns needed to entice people to click through to the Extreme website so we can collect valuable, high quality data.”

Now that groundwork has been laid for analytics-driven marketing, the real work begins. This is where we monitor, analyse, and then tweak, over and over again, until we have optimised and fine-tuned the strategy to achieve the highest possible levels of success.